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Jolly Jimmy was just your average living candy person. He spent most of his days in a big wooden house with a big chimney above a big fireplace. Everyone loved Jolly Jimmy. There wasn't a single day in which he was in a foul or lugubrious mood. People loved him and he loved people.

Then one day he invited a friend over named Berry Blombus, whom was a simple blueberry. They swapped many a story and much gossip which was spread far throughout the land of Ooo. "This is a nice fireplace." Said Berry Blombus in the most convivial of manners, holding a nice chunk of firewood in his delicious hands.

"Yes it is. But please don't add anymore firewood. I don't want to boil in here." replies Jolly Jimmy as he prepares a snack across the room.

As the fire was not lit, Blombus put the wood into the fireplace before continuing to chat with his oldest friend.

Later that night Jolly Jimmy decided to curl up near the fire and read the much heard about and disliked fan-fiction Fionna And Cake. He believed it may give him an odd laugh here and there. He lights the fire and begins to read. Suddenly he feels warm... too warm... Before he makes any reaction a colorful drop falls onto his paper, his face. He tries to discard the book but his hands are sticky and cling unwantingly to the cover. He Tries to remove the extra log forcefully to avoid his heated death, but as his hands reach the log they melt, he is dripping away to sticky nothingness. It's all Berry Blombus's fault.

Jolly Jimmy is in Glob's hands now.
I was temporarily an Adventure Time addict. I love that show and I've seen all episodes with exception to the most recent series.

Anyways, I wasn't entirely sure which category to put this in as Adventure Time is a children/teen show but the story itself is rather macabre. Whether you're a fan of either genre I hope you enjoyed this one.

Remember I'm making bi-weekly posts every Monday so give a WATCH and keep your eyes peeled open! :D

Thanks to :iconzakeno: for the preview image.
GoryBlueCat Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist

BRAVO!! :clap:
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August 26, 2012
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